Preferidas das OST's

[You're Beautiful] Without Words - Jang Geun Suk [Download]/Park Shin Hye ver. [Download]

[My Nam is Kim Sam Soon] She Is - Clazziquai [Download]

[Heartstrings] I Don't Know - M Signal [Download]

[Marry Me, Mary] My Precious - Jang Geun Suk [Download]

[The First Shop of Coffee Prince] White Love Story - As One [Download]

[My Girlfriend is a Gumiho] Fox Rain - Lee Sun Hee [Download]

[Koizora] Ai No Uta - Fukui Mai [Download]

[Heaven's Postman] Rainy Day - Z'ta [Download]

[Rock Rock Rock]  The More I Love You - Boohwal [Download]

[The Heirs] Growing Pains 2 - Cold Cherry [Download]

[Uncontrollably Fond] Finding Differences - Kisum ft. Seulong [Download]

[Hello, My Twenties/Age of Youth] Dick & Jane - Sidney York [Download]

[Kill La Kill] Before My Body Is Dry (ver. sem rap) - Mika Kobayashi [Download]

[Goblin] Round and Round - Heize ft. Han Soo Ji [Download]